Security Training

Tactical Communications
Participants will learn how to professionally engage other individuals and communicate to get positive results through constructive communication. This class is essential for security, loss prevention, and any personnel who routinely have to engage others in matters of compliance.
Interview & Interrogations
This two day class focuses on the skills and strategies needed for successful interview & interrogations. Participants will learn the various styles of interviewing, behavioral analysis, along with understanding and developing confessions and handling denials. These interview techniques and strategies have been held up as being admissable via the US Supreme Court.
Field Investigations
This class focuses on effective strategies for conducting investigations in the open, at the time of the crime. This class is a combination of classroom learning and applied demonstration. Topics include but are not limited to: Evidence collection, Field Notes, Field Interview & Interrogations, and Strategies of Investigation.
Report Writing
Participants will learn the essentials for effective report writing, including Chronology, Grammar, Effective Note Taking, and Legal Aspects of report writing. Highly recommended for positions that have a high liklihood of having reports become evidence in legal proceedings.
Subject Control
Designed for the Law Enforcement and Security industry, this class involves the essentials for successfully controlling a physically violent subject.

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