Employment Screening

Solutions That Work
Finding qualified candidates can be a time consuming and costly task. Our Employment Screening services are geared towards taking the guesswork out of the hiring process, and ensuring that you hire the highest quality candidate for the job.

Why ICA Enterprises LLC?
ICA Enterprises LLC offers the highest quality of interviewers in the industry.  Our interview experts are trained on Statement Analysis, Interview techniques, and non-verbal communication indicators.

In addition we have agreements with drug testing facilities throughout the United States to assist you with Pre-Employment or Post Accident testing.  Our 5-panel drug test gets you results in approximately 10 minutes, allowing you to process your candidates faster. Our Employment Screening services are customized to fit your needs and can include the following:

  • 10-Panel Non-DOT drug testing.
  • 5-Panel Non-DOT drug testing.
  • In house 5-panel saliva based drug testing.
  • Finger Printing.
  • Pre-Employment Interviews.
  • Employee Risk Assessment.
  • Professional License Verification.
  • Employment Verification.
  • Education Verification.

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